Reading & Education on Racism

These resources have been specially selected by CoM to provide creative and insightful ways to educate, unite and create agents of change in churches around the UK

We need to talk about race

Understanding the Black Experience in White Majority Churches – A book exploring themes, issues and reflections suitable for all ages, individuals and small groups.

Racism in the Church

Kenneth Copeland pulls back the veil to reveal the true culprit behind racial tension, marital strife and political enmity, and reveals the real answer to restoring unity and peace to our beleaguered families, cities and nation.

Racial Gaslighting’ and how to avoid it.

A classic example of racial gaslighting is where a person of colour describes a racist interaction, only to have it immediately questioned.

‘Are you sure that’s what it was about?’, ‘Was it definitely about skin colour though?’, ‘But I don’t think that was about racism.’

Let’s build something together!

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