Fighting Injustice: The power of an idea

Ije McDougall presents a counter idea to help us as Christians grapple with the dilemma of following the crowd or being brave enough to ask questions.

Watch the full video HERE or click the picture below.

Ije McDougall speaks on Fighting Injustice

Using historical context, we are drawn into a contrasting paradigm of ridiculous ideas that have taken root with the counter idea that is yet to overthrow the ridiculous.

Ije is charming and challenging as she delivers this monolog of logic against the backdrop of social injustice and our responsibilities to one another.

Ije is a wife, mother, activist and BBC Merseyside radio Producer. Her Christian faith, clearly influences her approach to difficult topics as she helps listeners to reflect on what they consider as normal.

We look forward to more contributions from Ije very soon!

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